Scanic Astute LED 60

The Scanic Astute LED 60 is a DMX moving head which disposes of a durable and powerful Longlife LED unit with high luminous power. The LED unit is extremely bright and can effortlessly measure up to conventional discharge lamps. The Astute LED 60 features a colour wheel with 7 colours and 2 gobo wheels with 7 different gobos each that can be portrayed very sharply via the manual focus. The gobos are rotatable clockwise and counterclockwise in gobo stream. Moreover, you can also find a stepless dimmer as well as an adjustable strobe effect that can be adjusted from slow to fast. Via the integrated LED DMX menu system with 4 buttons the moving head''s operation is as easy as can be. This device can be operated in DMX mode (15 channels), sound-to-light-mode and automatic mode.


  • Intelligent moving head spot with 60w LED high brightness source
  • 15 DMX channels
  • Adjustable pan/tilt function with 16 bit fine adjustment
  • Pan and tilt reverse
  • Separate colour and gobo wheels
  • Gobo scroll mode + gobo rotation
  • Colour wheel: 7 colours + white
  • 2 gobo wheels with 7 different gobos each + spot
  • Dimmer: 0 - 100%
  • Strobe function: slow to fast strobe effect
  • Digital LED menu system with 4 buttons for easy operation
  • Manual focus
  • Prism effect and prism rotation
  • Reset function
  • 3 operational modes: DMX, music-controlled or automatic mode

Technical Data

  • Input power: 160 w
  • Pan/tilt: 540°/200°
  • Dimensions: 260 x 250 x 560 mm
  • Weight: 8.91 kg